Home Automation

RapidTech keeps you connected to your home and business, no matter where you are. RapidTech is the most flexible, powerful and affordable home/business automation solution in the market today.

We own partnerships with various automation vendors, based on which we'll provide the most efficient and affordable integrated smart home solution for individuals and as well as corporations with the comfort that can control lighting, home appliances, curtains, heating, air-conditioning, home entertainment- in fact almost anything inside a home and an office environment. This is going to be a combination of various hardware devices (based on customer needs) and a control software. i.e the solution would be compatible to be able to talk and listen to lights, switches and appliances on the mains power line and would able to transmit infrared signals to any IR-enabled appliance like air-conditioning, TVs, sound systems, and projectors offering users the maximum flexibility to use the most suitable combination of subsystems to suit their budget and taste.

A comprehensive Voice Menu (available in several languages) that would allow Comfort to be controlled from any hidden microphone or home telephone. The real time status of the lights and appliances would be announced over speakers so one can check before speaking any command to on or off, giving one the feeling that he is talking with a Smart home robot itself.

The iPhone App would also allows one to control his Home and monitor the status of lights and appliances remotely or simply from any where in the world.

You have unlimited options for scenes, rooms, timers, events and notifications. Contact us for more information about security, energy saving, home theater and remote home management.