Rapid-HRMS is a sophisticated web based payroll and personnel system designed to meet the needs of medium and large size organizations operating in the Middle East and North Africa region, supporting multi-language, multi-currency and multi-branch needs. it allows organizations to manage their payroll in various countries with separate payroll requirements, applying their local tax systems and rules. Organizations can administer their payroll solution across all geographies from one central location with a single server installation. The system facilitates administration by implementing changes across the organization from one single point saving both time and money.

Rapid-HRMS has easy step by step wizards to perform various payroll runs. Organizations can seamlessly transfer payroll account results to banks, tax departments and social security organizations using secure links and following user defined workflow rules with various authorization access levels.

Rapid-HRMS has a long list of features including the management of multiple bonuses, additional monthly pay, saving funds, health insurance, integration with various ERPs (SAP, Microsoft AX /NAV etc), time attendance databases and much more.

It also has an ESS/MSS ( Employee/ Manager Self Services ) portal, which is a web-based solution that enables employees and managers to edit and view their HR-related information online.

Employees appreciate this functionality because it involves them in their individual HR functions. HR professionals benefit because the system reduces the amount of phone calls and paperwork coming in and out of their departments. Furthermore, new hires can take responsibility for data entry and accuracy of their personal information.

Employee Self Services

  • Online Request
  • Training Needs
  • Training Evaluation
  • Events
  • Phone Directory
  • Documents Center
  • Change Personal Data
  • Miscellaneous Requests
  • Vote
  • Provident Fund Sheet
  • Tax Sheet
  • Company Survey

Manage Self Services

  • Vacations Requests
  • Leave Requests
  • Competencies Gap
  • Employees Appraisal
  • Announcements
  • Interview Process
  • Job Requisition
  • Hiring and Termination Checklists
  • Analyze Employees Attendance

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